Sunday, 11 May 2014

Inspiration and Illustration

All image copyright of Briony Jose illustrations. @Brionyjose

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Busy bee..

 So i have a few NEW projects on the cards at the moment. The above one which is still at early stages, However i'm taking my time with it (which is a rarity for me).

Making myself paint without drawing any lines first is a mini project too push myself and be more free with my brush strokes.

 I Have NEW FABRIC. The lovely ladies over at, Have done themselves proud with these 2 new fabrics. The kerry hill sheep patter and Lazy cats! Printed super super quickly i now have a lot of sewing too get on with, once i've been and got a shed loads of zips!
I have a very new, very lovely desk! Which i put together myself without injuring or breaking anything. So that in itself deserves a gold star.

 and too round of the last odd week or so i've started using my solid watercolours instead of my liquid again. Just for a change and too see if the way i use them is any different at all. So all in all i should have lots too show you next time i remember too blog, If everything goes according to plan and HOPEFULLY i'll have some new stock too add to my etsy shop. (shameless plug)!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sew sew sew

So i am the worst person at blogger and if you come across this you are much better off following me either here:
or even here:

I am much better at updating stuff over there i swear!

I've been experimenting with my patterns recently due to me having a huge ambition to work with fabric, So i youtube-d grabbed some basic comprehension of how to make patterns and off i went! I have many in the firing line all based around my natural love for the countryside and hopefully all will be on fabric and available to sell by may! I currently have one lot of fabric printed on some rather handy handbagged sized cosmetic bags!
 You can find my Pheasant patterned cosmetic bags over on my etsy page!
Heres a sneak into a new pattern i've been adapting recently of my favourite sheep. The kerryhill!

In the new year i managed to get away for 3 days the first time for over 2 years and god wasn't it needed due to managing to pick up an intense cold on the first day.

I've been busy inking finally, after a bit of a dry spots after finishing university i've finally found my creativity again and motivation and all in good time as this summer i shall be off to county shows with my wares. So this has been a short and sweet post but i will try, TRY and be a better blogger this year and remember if you want too know more follow me on the links at the top!

THANKS and Happy newyear everyone!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Life Update.

Well folks i'm sorry i haven't blogged in a while, the full time job had dragged me away from normal everyday creativity. So here's whats been happening with me.

 I GRADUATED, seemed a long time coming but i finally graduated. I didn't fall over and it all went pretty smoothly surprisingly! Can't believe its finally over, after certain events occurring i never thought i'd make it however here we are! COMPLETE.

 Balancing working the whole office hours has left me with a massive creative block, However i have now set myself a project to help beat this block. I don't know if you know but i'm a keen pinterester, (, so my project is to draw my pins and when i say keen there are alot of pins so i shall be post these little illustrations on here and i will try to keep you up to date!

Oh and finally, I MADE MUGS. These lovely fine bone china mugs have been hand drawn, printed and fired with my lovely hens on them. They're available on my etsy shop and hurry i don't have many left!
Thanks for paying this little post a little bit of attention! 

Saturday, 14 September 2013


I UPDATED MY ETSY SHOP! This is a very big moment for me due to extensive research looking into digital printers and i'm glad to announce i found one and the prints are fantastic. I was originally quite apprehensive about getting them done due to ink printing slightly oddly dependant on the printer however these have come out really well and i'm really excited to be selling them on a lovely textured paper.

So go look, quite a boring blog post really. But my excitement has persuaded me into letting you know.

Many thanks x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

See you later summer.

As we say bye to summer and the rain kicks in i finally see the return of my mac. After crumbling into a black screen of brokenness my mac went on a small holiday to apple and came back ( 3 weeks later) shiney new and WORKING! SO therefore i thought it was due an update of work, life etc.

August and september is Birthdays galore in my family. Being chief baker has meant alot of cakes!
A hidden cherry tree was found and pie was made.
Lots of animals have been sketched and inked, all in preparation for  having my work in a lovely shop opening in licfield.

lots of practising with different ways of using my ink has occured.

Digging out my garden and making borders has helped overcome severe artist block.

I purchased some screen filler to start attempting some screen printing, more practise is definitely needed!

I've had a number of animal potraits commisioned and still have space for more, so as we are now on the run up to christmas why not order yourself a unique highly personal gift!
My housemate has been highly troublesome recently and keeping me on my toes before, in-between and after work.

AND FINALLY, I am running a giveaway over on my facebook page, to enter follow this link!

I hope to be updating you with more work very soon!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Hens.

I have a love for chickens, always have and probably will. The characters and the things they do are always a source of inspiration for me. So naturally during this pattern obsessed time, a chicken pattern was going to occur.
The chickens helping me sketch.

Original Sketches.

The hens are complete, who couldn't resist these lovely ladies as a repeat pattern. Soon to be put onto merchandise etc to go alongside my Odd spot print!. Enjoy :)